Job Title: Data Research Representative

Job Description:
Principal Intel, a socio-political data management firm based in Lagos, Nigeria, is
offering an opportunity to individuals interested in the field of data research, analysis,
and management. The contract role is solely opened to persons resident in Lagos,
Imo and Kogi states. As a contract staff with us, you will work closely with our team
of data analysts and consultants on various state projects related to social, political
and governance data management.

∙Collect data on some social, political and governance issues from your area of
∙Assist in data analysis and interpretation.
∙Contribute to the development of data reports and presentations.

∙Socially confident and non-partisan.
∙Strong inclination for social and political change.
∙Young (20 to 35) and Agile
∙Excellent interpersonal skills.
∙Ownership of an android phone.
∙Ability to work independently and remotely in a team.
∙Strong written and verbal communication skills

∙Gain valuable experience in the field of data management.
∙Work with a team of experts in political and governance data management.
∙Receive a UK CPD certificate of completion at the end of the contract and an
opportunity to become a permanent member of staff in 6 months.

To apply, kindly submit your resume and cover letter at explaining your interest in the role and how your
skill, passion and experience align with the requirements.

We encourage applications from individuals of all backgrounds in Lagos, Imo and
Kogi states.